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Boating Games: Top List of Games for Boating with Family and Kids

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

boating games

Have you been looking for the best games for boating on the market? We think that everyone needs a fun boating game whether it's a family boat game, boat building game for the little ones, or an electric boat game. Our top list of games for boating is intended to entertain families and children while on the boat or to provide boating-themed entertainment off the boat.

For example, there's nothing quite like getting out on the water and enjoying time with friends. When it comes to games for boating, you've got options. While some are good for large groups and others are better for smaller groups of people, there is something for everyone on this games for boating list!

We thought we would break down the categories by the types of boating games that made it to our top-rated list.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, meaning we receive a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, at no cost to you. This helps us to continue writing reviews, top lists, and providing educational articles for our readers.

Boat Game Categories

Let's begin our boating games list with.....

Best Overall Family Boat Game

Although this game is not "boat-themed", Watch Ya' Mouth is a fun boating game that the whole family can enjoy on the boat. If you've already played this game then you know that it is hilarious! The goal of this game is to say phrases with retractors in your mouth. It's like trying to answer the dentist's questions with a mouthguard in your mouth. Do you always wonder if the dentist truly understands what you're saying??? But with this game, family members try to guess what you are saying. For the boat, we recommend that you laminate a few of the cards to play with in case the wind catches to cards. However, the retractor is light, small, and waterproof so that's why we are giving this the rating for the best overall family games for boating.

Best Overall Boat Game for Kids

We absolutely love Don't Rock the Boat! It's a fun pirate ship game that kids can enjoy. The object of this game is to keep your penguin pirates from going overboard. You place the penguins around the ship deck and/or hang them from the ship. Each player takes turns hanging their pirate penguins on the ship. Keep the boat from tipping by balancing the penguins on the pirate ship. Surprisingly, the pieces are made of durable plastic and there are plenty of penguins that are included in this boat game. Plus, the price is great! Kids and adults can enjoy this boat game together!

Best Boat Building Game for Kids

Are you looking for a great boat-building game? LEGOs can target following directions, planning, and creativity. This is the perfect boat-building game that is geared toward underwater diving. When putting together, this boat-building game has a dive boat, an underwater scene, two divers, swordfish, and accessories. The pieces are durable and LEGO builds toys to last. We love this boat-building game because it can be built and rebuilt again. And guess what? This boat can actually float in the water once it's put together properly.

Best RC Boat Game

This high-speed RC boat is a great boating game for kids or adults when you are out on the water. Everyone will want to drive a boat so this gives someone the opportunity to practice their boating skills. This RC boat comes equipped with a 4-channel remote with LCD display (120-meter signal range) and can go up to 20+ mph. This high-speed boat also includes a display rack to place on when you are charging it. Depending on which type of boating you're doing (salt or freshwater) check to see if the RC boat can safely go in the water because saltwater accelerates the corrosion of metal.

Best Cruise Ship Game for Kids

Playmobil has some seriously good quality toys. This brand really thinks out their play scenes and includes a lot of great pieces to engage little ones. This cruise ship boat game is geared towards the little ones who might be fascinated with cruise ships. Maybe you are going on a cruise? Live near a cruise port? Either way, this cruise ship game will keep the kids entertained. This cruise ship game has different rooms: bedrooms, sitting area, and sundeck and comes with figurines that bend and move. The boat game also includes accessories that can be manipulated throughout the cruise ship. Kids can work on imaginative play, taking turns, or following directions. Overall, this is the best cruise ship game for children.

Best Boat Game for Kids Under $10

This Melissa and Doug boat game puzzle is the perfect inexpensive game to play. This puzzle features a whimsical pirate ship and it is made out of 48 durable wooden pieces. It is lightweight, easy to travel with (just pack the puzzle pieces in a resealable bag) and off you go. Take this puzzle boat game along with you on road trips, or vacations, or play with it at home. This would also make a perfect gift for the kids who love pirate ships!

We hope this top list of games for boating was helpful! We have enjoyed many of these games and we know of many children who have enjoyed these boating games too!

So get out there and play some games while boating!

Happy boating!

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