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A Guide to Lovers Key State Park

If you are looking for a great family day trip then Lovers Key State Park is the perfect spot. It has a beautiful, tranquil 2.5-mile-long beach where the whole family can enjoy a day!

Lovers Key State Park

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Where is Lovers Key State Park

Lovers Key State Park is located south of Fort Myers Beach and north of Naples on the Gulf of Mexico. It's actually part of a strand of barrier islands that are home to Florida's wildlife like birds, dolphins, and manatees.

The overall park is comprised of over 1,600 acres. So it's a fairly large park that offers plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy.

Lovers Key State Park

What to do at Lovers Key State Park?

This Florida State Park has a lot to offer for families. It's the perfect place to enjoy time at the beach, sunbathing, swimming, shelling, bike riding, hiking, saltwater fishing, kayaking, and a ranger program (registration is required for the programs).

To go over the lay of the land, Lovers Key State Park has a few different sections. For example, the first parking that you will come across has the tram (it's free and takes you to the beach or you can walk), restrooms, and a gift shop (food, bike, and kayak rentals).

The second parking lot (past the first one) is closest to the trailheads for walking and biking.

Further down from that parking lot is the boat ramp where you can launch your kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, etc. There are also a few covered picnic gazebos next to the waterway and restrooms are located there too.

ProTip- Saltwater fishing license is required. Check FWC for more information.

Best time to arrive at Lovers Key State Park

If you are traveling with a large group and going to the beach, then I suggest arriving early to get a parking spot closest to the tram. You'll want to enjoy a full day there so get there in time to have a nice picnic lunch.

However, sunsets at Lovers Key state park are amazing so if you are going for that, then check what time sunset is and arrive closer to that time.

What to bring with you to Lovers Key State Park

  • Money for the entrance fee $8

  • Beach chairs

  • Beach umbrella

  • Towels (these are nice because they don't retain a lot of water and dry fast)

  • Cooler (preferably with wheels if it is large)

  • Beach buggy or collapsable wagon (the parking lot is a short distance away)

  • Sunscreen, hat, glasses

  • Items for outdoor activities: bikes, helmets, kayak, etc.

Lovers Key State Park

Trails at Lovers Key State Park

Lovers Key offers hiking and paddling trails that meander around the waterways of the island.

The Black Island hiking/biking trail is 2.5 miles long which is picturesque and peaceful. You might even see a manatee while biking next to the waterway. Don't be surprised by the hill on the trail. It's known as one of the highest points in the county.

The paddling trail is 5 miles round trip and it is truly a beautiful sight! The water is calm and semi-clear.

If you need to rent bikes or canoes, check out Lovers Key Adventures. They have their rentals set up in parking lot one.

ProTip: The hiking trails are located in the second parking lot (past the beach/tram parking lot). There is no restroom on the trail.

Tips for traveling with kids

  • If your kids are old enough to ride a bike then I suggest bringing their biking gear so they can experience the trails.

  • Bring bug spray if you are going on the walking trails.

  • If your kids enjoy ice cream, then bring money for the concession stand on the beach.

Lovers Key State Park Map

For additional information regarding admission, activities, hours of operation, visit the official Lovers Key State Park website.

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